Addendum based on discussion during pre-bid on 6/06/2010

The last date of submission of EOI ( Student Support Service ) is extended from June 12, 2010 to 15th June, 2010 at 1600 hrs.

  1. Bid would be taken with two options. The revised format for the financial bid is enclosed.
  2. Since the work does not include any sale the sales tax number would be made optional.
  3. The toll free numbers would be procured by the Uttarakhand Open University and provided at the bidders place. The payments shall be made directly by the University.
  4. In case only one shift service is obtained from the service provider during the day the service provider would arrange for call transfer facility at other times to the university numbers. Any left out query would be transferred to the call centre for reply the next day. All out calls will also be billed to the University directly by the telecom service provider.
  5. Experience in the work may also include similar work in other places by promoters of group. Joint venture could also be possible.
  6. Earnest money would be Rs.20, 000.00 (Rupees Twenty thousand only) in view of the revised terms. However the performance guarantee shall be 5% of the award amount to be deposited with the University.
  7. Any advance payment shall be against an equal amount of bank guarantee for successful completion of the work.


Student Support Service Tender