Science Practical Workshop M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Geography) & B.Sc. Programmes at Haldwani

The compulsory workshop for M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany & Geography) & B.Sc. programme will be conducted at Haldwani as per given schedule. This is the last workshop and all the students those could not attend any workshop in this year can attend this workshop. All the students have to required to come with their annul practical record and project reports. The Practical examinations will be held on at the end of Workshop. The annul record and project report will be time of practical examination. The students will not be allowed to sit in the practical exam if he/she will not attend the workshop properly. The University will not provide accommodation during the workshop and practical examination. In case of any difficulty feel free to contact these faculty members.
Dr. Charu C. Pant (Chemistry)   Mob. 9997216611
Dr. Shyam S. Kunjwal (Zoology) Mob. 9410183247
Dr. Kamal Devlal (Physics)   Mob. 9411525595
Dr. Pooja Juyal (Botany) Mob. 9675063263
Dr. Ranju Joshi Pandey (Geography) Mob. 9368730769





M. B. P. G. C. Haldwani

23.07.14 to 28.07.14 (Practical Workshop)
29.07.14 (Science Conclave)
30.07.14 Practical exam.
(M.Sc. I Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany & MA/M.Sc. I Geography)
31.07.2014 Practical exam.
(M.Sc. II Physics, Chemistry, Zoology,Botany and  MA/M.Sc. II Geography)
27.07.14 Practical exam.
(B.Sc. I & II Physics and Biotechnology).
30.07.14 Practical exam.
[B.Sc. I Chemistry, B.Sc. II Botany (Morning session) & Zoology (Afternoon session)]
31.07.2014 Practical Exam.
[B.Sc. II Chemistry, B.Sc. I Botany (Morning session) & Zoology (Afternoon session)]