Notification to the Students of MBA Sixth Semester

  • A list of the projects submitted by the learners of MBA sixth semester received till the last date, i.e, 16/8/2014 have been accepted for evaluation.  Download Project Allotment List
  • Further, another list of such candidates is also attached herewith, whose projects were cleared in the last session i.e., 2013-2014 but they have failed to clear the viva-voce. Such candidates may also appear with the learners of this session (2014-2015). Download list
  • Such learners mentioned in the second para (above) shall have to fill-in the form for back paper, as per the rules of the university.
  • The learners, whose projects were not accepted by the examiners and who have not contacted the school till now are advised to immediately contact the school.
    For any further clarification please mail at [email protected]
  • The learners, who have not submitted their projects till now are advised to contact the school at headquarter in Haldwani immediately. They may also contact at [email protected]
  • Only those learners shall be called for viva-voce whose written project report is cleared by the examiners.

    The date of viva-voce for the session 2014-15 may tentatively be fixed between 20th to 30th September 2014.