Induction Workshop M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry and Botany) Programmes

The Induction workshop for M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry & Botany) programme will be held at Pithoragarh 1st and 2ed April 2015 as per given schedule. In Induction workshop the guidance is given to the students regarding study, preparation, practical, study material, project, Assignment preparation, examination and other information. Students of Pithoragarh region are required to attened this induction workshop. However any students from other regions  can attened this workshop. In case of any difficulty feel free to contact these faculty members.

Dr. Charu C. Pant (Chemistry)   Mob. 9997216611
Dr. Kamal Devlal (Physics)   Mob. 9411525595





Gov. PG College  Pithoragarh

M.Sc. I (Physics, Chemistry, Botany)


Gov. PG College  Pithoragarh

M.Sc. II (Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology)