Notice for MBA Fourth Semester Learners

A special counseling session is proposed to be organized to help the learners with preparation of project proposals and the project reports. The schedule of this special counseling session is as follows:
Special Counseling Sessions





SGRR (PG) College,   Pathari Bagh,Dehradun

10 a.m – 4:00 p.m

29/04/ 2016

Headquarter, Uttarakhand Open University, Behind Transport Nagar (Teenpani by pass),Haldwani

10 a.m -  4:00 p.m

 All the, learners enrolled for project work are expected to attend the special counseling session as per their convenience either at Haldwani or at Dehradun. But it is mandatory for all the MBA Fourth Semester learners to attend this session.