Accounting for Managers
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To enable student to acquire the skills necessary to use, interpret and analyse accounting data and to make them acquainted with decision making capability for effective financial control in an organisation.

Block I Introduction to Accounting
Unit I Introduction to Accounting
Concept, Importance and Scope of Accounting

Unit II Accounting Principles
Accounting Principles, Concepts and Conventions

Unit III   Forms and Types of Accounting
Forms and Types of Accounting, Users of Accounting Information

Unit IV Double Entry System
Accounting Equation, Rules of Recording Business Transactions 

Block II Accounting Process
Unit V Journalizing and Posting
Preparation of Journal and Classification of   Journals, Ledger

Unit VI Trial Balance
Preparation of Trial Balance

Unit VII Final Accounts
Preparation of Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet- with Adjustment Entries

Block III Cost Accounting
Unit VIII Introduction to Cost Accounting
Meaning, Significance and Elements of Cost, Distinction between Cost and Financial Accounting

Unit IX Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

Unit X  Process costing and Single and Output Costing

Unit XI  Activity-Based Costing and Service Costing


Block IV Management Accounting
Unit XII Introduction to Management Accounting
Meaning, Nature and Significance of Management Accounting

Unit XIII CVP Analysis
Cost-Volume- Profit Analysis

Unit XIV Budgeting
Budget- Budgetary Control and Framework for Budgeting, Performance Budgeting and Zero-Base Budgeting

Unit XV  Responsibility and Human Resource Accounting


Block V Analysis of Financial Statements
Unit XVI Financial Analysis
Nature, Methods and Tools of Financial Analysis

Unit XVII Interpretation of Financial Statements

Unit XVIII Ratio Analysis
Financial Analysis and Control: Ratio Analysis

Unit XIX Statement of Changes in Financial Position-I
Statement of Changes in Financial Position: Funds Flow Statement

Unit XX Statement of Changes in Financial Position-II
Cash Flow Statement

Unit XXI Accounting and Financial Information System

Suggested Readings: 
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