Quantitative Techniques in Management
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

The objective of this course is to provide students the knowledge of quantitative tools and their application in various decision making situations.

Block I Introduction to Statistics
Unit I Introduction to Statistics
Business Statistics- Concept, Significance and Limitations

Unit II Data-Types and Classification
Primary and Secondary Data, Classification and Tabulation

Unit III Frequency Distribution and Graphical Representations

Unit IV Measures of Central Tendency
Mean, Median, Mode and Quartile

Unit V Measures of Dispersion
Range, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation.

Block II Measurement of Variation, Correlation & Regression
Unit VI Measures of Skewness, Kurtosis and Moments

Unit VII Correlation
Correlation - Karl Pearson and Rank Correlation-Partial-Multiple

Unit VIII Regression Analysis and Properties of Regression Coefficients
Properties of Regression Coefficients and Relationship between Regression and

Unit IX Times Series Analysis


Block III Probability & Distribution

Unit X Probability- Definition and Classification                    
Probability Definition and Classification of Probability

Unit XI Laws of Probability
Additive Law, Distribution and Multiplication Law, Joint Probability

Unit XII Probability Distribution
Probability Distribution, Discrete and Continuous Distribution

Unit XIII Binomial Distribution

Unit XIV Normal and Poisson Distribution


Block IV Operations Research

Unit XV Linear Programming
Graphical Solution Method- Simplex Method-Duality-Bounded Variables LP Problems-Parametric-Integer-Goal Programming

Unit XVI Transportation Problem
Unit XVII Assignment Problem

Unit XVIII Queuing Theory and Decision Theory
Unit XIX Replacement Theory and Sequencing Problems
Unit XX PERT and CPM

Suggested Readings: 
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