Introduction to Hospitality Industry
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

This subject will enhance the understanding of student with respect to the Agro-products marketing, processing and value addition, post harvest management, etc. The emphasis of the course will be on basic marketing concepts as well as their applications.


Market & Market Structure, Marketing Management, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Marketing in India, Co-Operative Marketing, Processing and Value Addition Post Harvest Management, Channels of Marketing, Market Efficiency, Communication Methods

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Acharya, S.S. and N. L. Agarwal. “ Agricultural Marketing In India”, oxford and IBH publishing company, New Delhi
  2. Bedi R. D. “ Theory, History and Practice of co-operation”, International publishing House, Meerut (U. P)
  3. Memorial. C. B. and R. L. Joshi. “Principles and practice of Marketing in India”, Kitab Mahal, 15 Thom hill Road, Allahabad.
  4. Memorial, C.B. and R D. Saxena. “Cooperation in India”, Kitab Mahal 15 Thornhill road, Allahabad