Manufacturing Strategy
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

The course aims at providing the students the understanding of manufacturing and developing strategies for it.


Developing a Manufacturing Strategy : functional strategies, reasons for manufacturing's reactive role in corporate strategy, functional goals versus manufacturing needs, Developing a manufacturing strategy, strategic integration, linking manufacturing to marketing, output of manufacturing strategy; Methodology to develop manufacturing strategy: Checking markets, outcomes of the market debate, Relating manufacturing to agreed markets, Price Conformance to Quality, Quality Reliability, Delivery Speed; Process Choice: Manufacturing function, Generic types of process choice, technical specifications versus business specifications, technology strategy, manufacturing strategy and technology opportunities, manufacturing strategic response;
Product Profiling: Levels of application, procedure, company based profiles, applying same manufacturing strategy to two different markets, incremental marketing decision resulting in a mismatch, reallocation of product due to downsizing; Focused Manufacturing: Economics of Scale, trade-off and alternative, approaches to focused manufacturing, progress and regression, origin of existing plants, moving to focused plants, process rearrangements, infrastructure rearrangement; Make or Buy : Issues involved in decisions, vendor selection, Just in Time Production; Manufacturing Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure and organizational issues, operational effects of structural decisions, Strategy Based Alternatives, Operational Control;
Functional Perspectives: Investment Decision, Linking Investment to Product Life, Cycle and Risk Reduction, Operating Control and Information, Linking process Investment decisions and evaluation of control.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Operations Strategy -- David Walters – Palgvave Mcmillan
  2. Operations Management for Competitive Advantage – Chase
  3. Competitive Manufacturing Management – Nicholas Manufacturing Strategy - Terry Hill
  4. Strategic Operations Management - Steeve Brown,Richard Lamming,John
  5. Bessant,Peter Jones –(Butterworth Heinemann)
  6. Competitive strategy – M.E Porter.
  7. Operations Management – Terry Hill.
  8. JIT in manufacturing – M.G.Koregaonkar (Mac Millan)