World Class Manufacturing
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

This course aims at acquainting the students with the philosophy of latest and best possible approach in excellent manufacturing to develop world class manufacturing system.


Industrial Decline and Ascendancy: Manufacturing Excellence, US Manufacturers, French Manufacturers, Japan Decade, American Decade, Global Decade Building Strength through customer focused principle: General Principles of Design, Operation, Human Resources, Quality and Process Improvement, Promotion and Marketing; Value and Valuation; Product Costing, Motivation to Improve, Value of the enterprise; Strategic Linkages: Product Decisions and Customer Service, Multi-company planning, internal manufacturing planning, soothing the demand turbulence; Impediments: Bad plant design, mismanagement of capacity, Production lines, assembly lines, whole plant Remaking; Human Resources Management: Associates, Facilitators, Teammanship, Motivation and reward in the age of continuous improvement.
Quality: The organization, Bulwark of stability and effectiveness, employee stability, quality, individual versus team, Team stability and cohesiveness, Project cohesiveness and stability.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. World Class Manufacturing - Strategic Perspective - B.S. Sahay ,KBC Saxena , Ashish Kumar .(Mac Millan)
  2. Making Common Sense Common Practice – Models for manufacturing excellence – Ron Moore (Butter worth Heinmann)
  3. The Toyota Way - Jeffrey K.Liker – (Tata Macgraw Hill )
  4. Operations Management for Competitive Advantage – Chase
  5. Making Common Sense Common Practice – Moore
  6. Managing Technology & Innovation for Competitive Advantage – Narayanan
  7. Just In Time Manufacturing – M.G.Korgaonkar
  8. Machine That Changed The World – Womack