Material Reqirement Planning
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The course provides the students the understanding of inventory management and material planning for effective production.


Introduction: Inventory Management, Material requirement planning, the paradox of inventory management, order point versus MRP, Inventory: Asset or Liability; Prerequisites of MRP, Perspective, Bills of Material, Master Production Schedules, lot sizes, Data Integrity, MRP Assumptions, Essential Data, Inventory status, Programme Design features; Methodology: Master Production Scheduling, Explosion of requirements, Handling common components, Handling multi-level items, Determining gross or net requirements, External components demand; Lot sizing and safety stocks: Lot sizing technologies, least unit cost, least total cost, lot size adjustments, evaluating Lot sizing Technologies, Practical considerations in Lot sizing;
Data requirements and management: Files arid Database, updating inventory records, Bills of material, Modular Bill of Material, Modularization of Bill of, Material Modularisation Technologies, Manufacturing Bill of Material; Application: Developing valid inputs, sources of inputs, input data integrity, lead time, Resources Requirement Planning; Applications: Making outputs useful, uses of MRP outputs, planning valid priorities, uses of allocations, Determining capacity requirements, MRP, program health monitors; Applications: Planning versus Execution, Planning phase, closing the planning/ execution loop, keeping master production schedules valid, Role of Inventory Planners; Future of MRP

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Orliky’s MRP – Plossl
  2. Introduction To Materials Management, - J. R. Tony Arnold, Stephen N. Chapman -Prentice Hall
  3. Principles of Inventory and Materials Management - Richard J. Tersine, Prentice Hall PTR
  4. Essentials of Inventory Management - Max Muller, AMACOM/American Management Association
  5. Production And Inventory Control - J H Greene,Homewood III: Richard D Irwin
  6. Materials Management – A.R.Palit
  7. Foundations of Inventory Management – Zipkin, McGraw Hill.
  8. Production Planning And Inventory Control - Seetharama L Narsimhan, Dennis W McLeavy, Peter J Billington, Prentice Hall Of India Pvt Ltd,