Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The course aims to provide the student the indepth knowledge of logistics and supply chain management so as to help in tackling the related business problems develop efficiency.


Logistics: Concepts and significance, Distribution strategies, customer service policies and integrated logistics management; Transportation Alternatives: Railways, Road, Air, Waterways, Pipelines, Animals and animals drawn vehicles, economics of transportation, Applications of quantitative technologies, Transportation Models; Distribution Network Planning Systems: Location number and size of facilities, stocking policies, storage and handling capacities, Introduction to Central and, State Warehouse Acts; Packaging: Principles, Function and types, containerization concepts, infrastructure, customer issues, Service utilization, Modes: Rail, Road, Sea; Role of freight and insurance in logistics; Concepts of Supply Chain Management and its strategic role in the organization, intra and inter organisation supply chain;
Design of efficient supply chain policies, Bottlenecks and remedies; Integration of supply chain with corporate strategy, cost efficiency across supply chain, impact as customer service; Role of computer and IT in supply chain.

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