Strategic Management
Year / Semester: 
5th Semester

The objective of the course is to provide the students the conceptual understanding of strategy, its formulation and implementation as an important aspect of modern business organization.


Introduction, Strategic Planning and Strategic Management, The Strategic Management Process, Strategic Intent: Vision, Mission and Objectives, Environmental and Resources Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Internal Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Choice, Corporate Level Strategy, Acquisition, Restructuring and Cooperative Strategies, Global Strategy, Business Level Strategy, Strategic Analysis and Choice, Strategy Implementation and Functional Strategies, Strategy Implementation: Structural Issues, Behavioural Issues in Strategy Implementation, Operational Strategy, Financial Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Human Resource Strategy, Strategic Leadership and Control, Strategic Leadership, Strategy Evaluation and Control, Strategy and Technology Management, Designing a Technology Strategy, Technology Forecasting and R&D Strategies, Strategies for Acquisition and Absorption of Technology.

Suggested Readings: 
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