Organizational Behavior
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

This course gives the students an understanding of organizational behaviour which would help them understand group dynamics and behaviour for effectively managing the enterprise.


Introduction:- The field of Organizational Behaviour Reasons to study O.B. Foundations and Background of OB, Approaches to OB, Contributing discipline to OB Field. Industrial Behaviour: Individual differences – Abilities, intelligence; personality- Meaning, development of personality, personality traits, major determinants. Perception- Nature, importance, perceptual selectivity, perceptual Organization, social perception; Attitudes- Nature, dimensions, importance; Job Satisfaction – importance, sources & consequences.
Motivation and Learning:- Motivation – Meaning; motives, process content theories and process theories of motivation, relationship between motivation and performance learning – Meaning, types; Theories of learning, Reinforcement, Law of effect, punishment. Group Behaviour :- Group – Concept, nature, classification; stages of group development, Group dynamics; Group Behaviour; Group structure, task & processes; Group cohesiveness; Dynamics of informal groups; Group decision – making.

Suggested Readings: 
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