Business Laws
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The aim of this course is to provide the students the understanding of the legal framework in which the business has to operate.


The Indian Contract Act, 1872. Essentials of a valid contract Void Agreements. Performance of Contracts. Breach of contrat and its remedies. Qasi-contracts. The sale of Goods Act, 1930: Formation of contract; Conditions and warranties. Transfer of property. Performance of contract: Rights of an unpaid seller. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881: Nature and types, Negotiation and Assignment. Holder-in-Due Course, Dishonour and Discharge of a Negotiable Instrument. The Companies Act, 1956. Nature and types of Companies, Formation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Prospectus. Allotment of Shares. Shares and Share capital, Membership, Borrowing powers, Management and meetings, winding up.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Gower L.C.B: Principles of Modern Company Law;Stevens & Sons, London.
  2. Ramaiya A.: Guide to the Companies Act; Wadhwa & Co. Nagpur.
  3. Singh Avtar : Company Law; Eastern Book Co.,Lucknow.
  4. Kuchal M.C.: Modern India Company Law; ShriMahavir Books, Noida.
  5. Kapoor N.D.: Company Law -Incorporating theProvisions of the Companies Amendment Act, 2000; Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi
  6. Bagrial A.K.: Company Law; Vikas PublishingHouse, New Delhi.
  7. Sharma B.P. and Jain Rajeev : Company Law(Hindi)