Business Research Methods
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The objective of this course is to have a general understanding of Research Methodology and Statistics as applicable to Business Management and its use and relevance in areas of Management Research


Decisional Research: Definition and Scope; Role of Decision maker and research; Identification of problems; decision steps and research objectives, uncertainty and decision research, Research Design: Descriptive, Exploratory, Descriptive, Diagnostic and Experimental. Data Collection: Secondary and Primary Data sources; Techniques of Data Collection; Sampling: Procedure, Probability and Non-probability sampling; Sampling errors; Tabulation of Data; Attitude Scales and measurement of attitude. Data Analysis: Interpretation and presentation; basic consideration in choice of analysis and statistical techniques; hypothesis testing; tests of significance; chi-square analysis. Report Writing: Substance of Research Based Reports, Formats of reports, Report writing Technique and Final Presentation of the report.

Suggested Readings: 
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  2. William J. Goode & Paul K. Hatt, Methods in Social Research McGraw- Hill, New Delhi
  3. C.A. Moser & G. Kalton, Survey Methods in Social Investigation
  4. P.L. Bhandar Kar & T.S. Wilkinson, Methodology and Techniques of Social Research, Himalaya Publishing House, Delhi
  5. V.P. Michael, Research Methodology in Management, Himalaya Publishing House, Delhi
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