Introduction to Informatics
Year / Semester: 
Six Months Course

The objective of the course is to introduce the concepts of the informatics and their applications.


Unit 1: Fundamentals of Computers

Information and concepts of Information Technology, Data Representation: Representation of Characters in Computers, Representation of Integers, Representation of Fractions, Hexadecimal representation of Numbers, Decimal to Binary conversion, Error Detecting Codes, Computer Memory-Memory Cell, Memory Organization, Read only Memory, Serial Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Registers, Physical Devices used to construct Memories, Different secondary storage devices and Magnetic media devices, Internal and external storage devices.

Unit 2: Operating Systems

Operating System concepts, Structures, Files, Directories, Process and Memory management. Concepts of algorithms, Basics of data structures, arrays, stacks, and queues.

Unit 3: Basics of Networking

Computer network, LAN, WAN, MAN. Internet, Intranet, Categories of networks, Client/Server model, OSI & TCP/IP models, Network topology, switch, router, firewall, security.

Unit 4: Database Management Systems

Database, Database system levels of abstractions in DBMS, Principles of database. Introduction to data organization, information management system, relational constraints, introduction to RDBMS, normalization and SQL.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Rajaraman, V.” Fundamentals of Computers” Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi
  2. Anderw S Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull, ” Operating System Design and Impletation”, prentice-Hall India Publication.
  3. Tanenbaum, Andrew, Computer Networks, PHI
  4. “Fundamentals of Database System”, by Elmasri Navathe, Somayajulu & Gupta, Pearson Education publication