Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

This course on Computer Fundamentals and PC Software is designed with an aim to acquaint the learners with the basics of computer, operating systems, hardware and software and also how to use basic application programs for managing data in a computer system.


UNIT 1 : Introduction to Computer

Block Diagram of Computer, Evolution, Generations, Classification and its Application

UNIT 2 : Basic Components of Computer

Concept of Bit and Byte; Block Diagram of Computer, CPU, ALU, CU; Computer Memory: Primary and Secondary; Input/Output Devices; Buses : Address, Data, Control.

UNIT 3 : Introduction to OS

Definition and functions of an Operating System, Types of OS (Single User, Multi user, Single tasking, Multitasking, Real time, Network OS, Distributed OS)

UNIT 4 : MS DOS Operating System

Introduction to DOS, System files of DOS, concept of Booting, Files and Directory Structure, Concept of Paths, Internal and External commands, Batch File.

UNIT 5 : MS Windows Operating System

Features of Windows 7, Exploring Components of Windows: The Desktop, The Icons, Working with Windows, The Start Menu and Taskbar, Quiting Windows; Customizing the Desktop, Files and Folders.

UNIT 6 : LINUX Operating System

Open Source and Free Software, Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System, Concept of Path, Basic Linux Commands, File Permission, Text Editor vi.

UNIT 7 : Microsoft Word-Part I

Starting MS-Word, Document Window and its Components, Different Bars, Document View, Creating a New Document, Saving a Document, Opening an Existing Document, Exiting MS-Word, Working with Text, Working with Paragraph, Bullets and Numbering, Find and Replace, Copy, Cut and Paste.

UNIT 8 : Microsoft Word-Part II

Spelling and Grammar Checking, Undo and Redo option, Header and Footer, Page Setup, Printing Documents, Inserting Picture, Working with Tables: Inserting Table, Deleting Table, Traversing Table, Selecting a Table, Rows and Columns, Deleting Rows and Columns, Merge and Split Cells; Creating Multiple Columns.

UNIT 9 : Microsoft Excel

Starting MS-Excel, Working with Toolbars, Row, Column and Cell, Working with Excel: Creating a New Workbook, Working with Cells and Fonts, Merging Cells, Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns; Saving a Workbook, Closing a Workbook;

UNIT 10 : Functions of Excel

Different Operators used in Excel; Working with Formula and Functions; Sorting Data; Working with Charts.

UNIT 11 : Microsoft PowerPoint

Starting MS-PowerPoint, Creating a New Presentation, Working with Slides, Applying Text and Graphics, Applying Themes, Customizing Slide Show, Saving, Running and Closing a Presentation, Opening an Existing Presentation.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Anderw S Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull, ” Operating System Design and Impletation”, prentice-Hall India Publication. 
  2. Word 2002 from A to Z-by Stephen L. Nelson, FireWall Media
  3. Microsoft XP Plain & Simple-by Brown & resources Online