Fundamentals of Networking and Web Technology
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

This course is designed with an aim to acquaint the learners with the basics of computer network and web technology. The course introduces you to the hardware and the software needed for a network, explains how a small network is different from larger networks and the Internet.


UNIT 1 : Basics of Computer Network

Computer Network: Definition, Goals; Broadcast and Point-To-Point Networks; Connectionless and Connection-Oriented Services; Network Devices; Network Topologies; Types of Network: LAN, MAN, WAN; Server Based LANs and Peer-to-Peer LANs; Transmission Types; Modes of Communication; Switching Techniques

UNIT 2 : Network Models

Design Issues of the Layer, Protocol Hierarchy, ISO-OSI Reference Model: Functions of each Layer; Various Terminology used in Computer Network; Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services, Internet (TCP/IP) Reference Model, Comparison of ISO-OSI and TCP/IP Model

UNIT 3 : Transmission Media

Transmission Medium, Guided Media: Coaxial Cable, Twisted Pair, Fiber Optics Cable; Unguided Media: Radio Waves, Infrared, Micro-wave, Satellite

UNIT 4 : Internet Basics

Internet: Architecture, Accessing, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Organization of Internet Protocol suite, IP Address, DNS, URL; World Wide Web (WWW): Web Page, Web Servers, Web Browsers, Cookies

UNIT 5 : Static Web Page Design

Basics of HTML; Document Structure tags; Formatting tags; List tags; Hyperlink and Image tags; Table tags; Frame tags; Form tags.

UNIT 6 : HTML Tags and XML

HTML Form; Additional Advanced HTML Tags; Introduction of XML.

UNIT 7 : JavaScript

Client Side Programming; Basic Programming Concepts; Control Structures in JavaScript; Array; Functions;, Working With Form Object; Built-in Objects in JavaScript, User Defined Objects in JavaScript

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Data Communications and Networking – Behrouza A Forouzan (Tata McGraw-Hill)
  2. Computer Networks -A. S. Tanenbaum
  3. Web Technologies - A.S. Godbole and Atul Kahate.
  4. Link for online tutorial :
  5. Using HTML, XML and Java by Eric Ladd and Jim O’Donnell, PHI.