Web Multimedia Designing Tools,XML, Front Page, Flash & Dream weaver
Diploma in Multimedia
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester




Graphics Devices
Monitor display configuration, Basics of Graphics Accelerator Card and its importance;
Basic concepts of Images
Digital Images and Digital Image Representation
Image Formats
TIFF, BMP, JPG/JPEG, GIF, PIC. PDF, PSD; Theory of design, form, line, space, texture, color, typography, layout, color harmony, unity, balance, proportion, rhythm, repetition, variety, economy, still life, light and shade, Poster Design; Still life, colored layout, Poster Design, Designing of Books, magazines brochures, children’s literature, narrative text handling, scripts in Indian Languages, picture books, comics, illustrations with photographs, scientific illustrations, conceptual illustrations, handling of assignment for the market; Image Scanning with the help of scanner: Setting up Resolution, Size, File formats of images; image preview, Bitonal, Grey Scale and color options; Significance of PDF- creation, modification; Animation, Morphing and Applications
Graphic Tools
Image Editing Software (Photoshop / Coreldraw)
Basic Concepts
An Introduction, creating, Opening and saving files, Menus, Toolbox, Color control icons, Mode control icons, Window controls icons; creating new images, Image capture (TWAIN) from scanner other files;
Image Handling
Cropping an image, adjusting image size, increasing the size of the work canvas,
saving an image;
Adding layers, dragging and pasting selections on to layers, dragging layers between files, viewing and hiding layers, Editing layers, rotating selections, scaling an object, preserving layers transparency, moving and copying layers, duplicating layers, deleting layers, merging layers, using adjustment layers;
Channels and Masks
Channel palette, showing and hiding channels, splitting channels in to separate image, merging channels, creating a quick mask, editing masks using quick mask mode;
Painting and Editing
Brushes palette, brush shape, creating and deleting brushes, creating custom brushes, setting brush options, saving, loading and appending brushes, Options palette; Opacity, pressure, or exposure, paint fade-out rate, making selections, using selection tools, adjusting selections, softening the edges of a selection, hiding a selection border, moving and copying selections, extending and reducing selections, pasting and deleting selections, Image tracing (CorelDraw).
Concept of Multimedia
Picture/Graphics, Audio, Video;
Recording Sound using Sound Recorder (Capture), Sound capture through sound editing software (ex: Sound forge), Sound editing, Noise correction, Effect enhancement ; Voice Recognition Software Philips/Dragon, MIDI Player, Sound Recorder, MONO & Stereo. Sound
File Format
AIFF (Audio Input File Format from Apple Mac) , MIDI, WAV, MP3, ASF (Streaming format from Microsoft). Importing audio and saving audio from Audio CD.
Sound Quality
CD Quality, Radio Quality, Telephone Quality;

MH 35 - XML

History of Markup languages
Relationship Between XML and HTML
Impact of XML
Using HTML files to Display data of XML files
Objects and XML
XML Data Island
Document Type Definition
Beyond the Basics
Attribute List and writing correct DTD’s
Data typing in XML
Traversing The Node Tree and Adding the Replacing Node
Database in XML
Using The Database Source Object
Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL)
Introduction to XSL
Using XSL Template to read Data from XML file
Using Multiple XSL Template to read Data from Multiple XML file
Using XSL Templates to perform Basic Database Queries
Using conditional XSL statement and Embedding Scripting Code to
perform Database Queries
Using XSL selection and Boolean Operators to perform Database
Using XDL Comparison and Collection Operators and XSL method
to perform Database Queries
XML in E- Commerce and other Advanced Topic
Document Object Model
XML Schema Language
Creating an Online Bookstore
Accessing the database for an Online Bookstore
Processing and purchasing in an Online Bookstore
Links In XML : Xlink and Xpointer


Front Page
Understanding Front Page, Open a page, Create A New page, New Page in Folder List, Opening A New Window, Open The Last page Automatically when You open front page, Find Text In The page
Working with Views in FrontPage
Customizing Your Workspace
Designing webs, web pages- Add page Elements, Add Graphics, Format pages, Format page Element make pages Interactive
Authoring HTML
Ensuring web compatibility
Analyzing webs
Publishing webs
Using FrontPage In workgroups
Using FrontPage with office
Basics in Flash
Drawing and painting in Flash
Importing Graphics into Flash
Applied Advanced Techniques
Using Library
Animating in Flash
Understanding Animation
Using Motion Twin to Animate
Using Shape wine to Morph
Using Sound in Animation
Using Layer in Animation
Animating Using movie Clips Graphics Symbol
Adding Interactivity and Advanced Animation
Adding Animation Button for user to click
Using Action to create Non liner Movies
Action Scripting Application for Advanced Interactivity.
Using smart Clip
Putting Flash on web
Linking Movie to web
Designing website to Modular
Creating a Interface to Match your Message
Optimize your website
Advanced Animation Techniques
Publishing your Creation
Dream Weaver
Understanding Dream weaver
Creating a basic web page with Text
Planning and Creating your Projects using site windows
Hyperlinks, URL, Anchor’s Mailto Links
Adding Images and Multimedia
Displaying Images on a page and Create a Image Map
Adding Multimedia
Layout Design and Dynamic HTML
Displaying Data with table
Designing your page layout Using Table
Using Dynamic HTML and Layer’s
Formatting your web pates with cascade style sheet’s and HTML style Sheet’s
Understanding Building Frames and Frameset
Dream weaver- Interaction and Behavior Timeline
Inserted Scripted Functionality with Behavior
Adding Advanced Behavior.
Animating with Timeline
User Data Collection with Forms
Creating and using a form to collect data.
Sending and reading to form data
Additional Development/ Collaboration
Managing and Uploading Your projects
Managing your Assets with Asset panel
Reusing items in website with Library
Creating And Applying a Template’s
Using Server side includes and Adding dates

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