Advanced JAVA Programming, XML, Front Page, Flash & Dreamweaver
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester




Java as an OOP Language
Defining classes, Modifiers, Packages, Interfaces.
Exception Handling
Introduction, Basics of exception handling in Java, Exception Hierarchy, Constructors and methods in Throwable class, Unchecked and checked exceptions, Handling exceptions in Java, Exception and Inheritance, Throwing user defined exceptions, Redirecting and rethrowing exceptions, Advantages of the exception handling mechanism.
Introduction, Creating threads, Thread life cycle, Thread priorities and thread scheduling, Thread Synchronization, Daemon threads, Thread groups, Communication of Threads.
Files and I/O Streams
Introduction I/O Stream, Java I/O, File Streams, File Input Stream and File output stream, Filter Stream, Random Access File, Serialization.
Introduction, java Applications versus Java Applets, Applet Life Cycle, Working with Applets, HTML Applet Tag, Java Applet packag.
Database handling using JDBC
Introduction to DBMS, JCBC Architecture, Working with JDBC, Processing Queries, The Transactions Commit and Rollback, Handling Exceptions, Mapping Database types to Java, Accessing Metadata.
Introduction, Basic classes in AWT, Drawing with Graphics Class, Class hierarchy of AWT, Event Hancling, AWT ccontrols, Layout Managers, Java 2D API, Java2D Shapes.
Introduction, Swing Packages, Hierarchy of swing classes, Advanced layout Managers, Additional Swing Components.
Introduction, Running Servlets, Life cycle of the servlet, Servlet API, Multi-tier applications using JDBC from a Servlet, Additional Caabilities of HTTP Servlets, Session Management.
Introduction JavaServer Pages
What Is JavaServer Pages? Why Use JSP? Embedding Dynamic Elements in HTML Pages, The JSP Advantage
HTTP and Servlet Basics,
The HTTP Request/Response Model, Requests in Detail,
Responses in Detail Request Parameters, Request Methods, Servlets,
Servlet Contexts and Web Applications
Setting Up the JSP Environment
Installing the Java Software Development Kit, Installing the Tomcat Server,
Windows Platforms, UNIX Platforms (Including Linux and Mac OS X),
Testing Tomcat, Installing the Book Examples, Example Web Application Overview
JSP Application Development
Generating Dynamic Content, Creating a JSP Page, Installing a JSP Page
Running a JSP Page, Using JSP Directive Elements, JSP Comment, Using Template Text, Using JSP Action Elements, JSP Standard Tag Library,
Using JavaBeans Components in JSP Pages
What Is a Bean?, Declaring a Bean in a JSP Page, Reading Bean Properties
6Using the JSTL Expression Language, Including Images with JSP,
Setting Bean Properties Automatic Type Conversions
Processing Input and Output
Reading Request Parameter Values, Accessing Other Request Data,
Capturing Parameter Values Using a Bean, Validating User Input, Validating User Input Using JSTL Action, Validating User Input Using a Bean, Formatting HTML Output.
Error Handling and Debugging
Dealing with Syntax Errors,
Element Syntax Errors, JSTL Expression Language Syntax Errors,
Debugging a JSP Application, Dealing with Runtime Errors, Catching Exception,
Sharing Data between JSP Pages, Requests, and Users,
Passing Control and Data between Pages, Passing Control from One Page to Another
Passing Data from One Page to Another, All Together Now,
Sharing Session and Application Data
Accessing a Database
Accessing a Database from a JSP Page, Validating Complex Input Without a Bean,
Using Transactions, Application-Specific Database Actions
Authentication and Personalization
Container-Provided Authentication, Application-Controlled Authentication
Other Security Concern.
Working with XML Data
Generating an XML Response, Transforming XML into HTML,
Transforming XML into a Device-Dependent Format, Processing XML Data
Using Scripting Elements
Using page Directive Scripting Attributes, Implicit JSP Scripting Objects
Using Scriptlets, Using Expressions, Using Declarations
Mixing Action Elements and Scripting Elements, Dealing with Scripting Syntax Errors
Web Application Models
The Java 2 Enterprise Edition Model, the MVC Design Model, Scalability
Combining JSP and Servlets
Servlets, Filters, and Listeners, Picking the Right Component Type for Each Task
Initializing Shared Resources Using a Listener, Access Control Using a Filter, Centralized Request Processing Using a Servlet, Using a Common JSP Error Page .
Developing JavaBeans Components for JSP
Beans as JSP Components, JSP Bean Examples, Multithreading Considerations
Developing Custom Tag Libraries
Tag Extension Basics, Developing a Simple Action,
Developing an Iterating Action, Processing the Action Body
Handling Exceptions, The Tag-Handler Lifecycle, Creating the Tag Library Descriptor

MH 35 - XML

History of Markup languages
Relationship Between XML and HTML
Impact of XML
Using HTML files to Display data of XML files
Objects and XML
XML Data Island
Document Type Definition
Beyond the Basics
Attribute List and writing correct DTD’s
Data typing in XML
Traversing The Node Tree and Adding the Replacing Node
Database in XML
Using The Database Source Object
Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL)
Introduction to XSL
Using XSL Template to read Data from XML file
Using Multiple XSL Template to read Data from Multiple XML file
Using XSL Templates to perform Basic Database Queries
Using conditional XSL statement and Embedding Scripting Code to
perform Database Queries
Using XSL selection and Boolean Operators to perform Database
Using XDL Comparison and Collection Operators and XSL method
to perform Database Queries
XML in E- Commerce and other Advanced Topic
Document Object Model
XML Schema Language
Creating an Online Bookstore
Accessing the database for an Online Bookstore
Processing and purchasing in an Online Bookstore
Links In XML : Xlink and Xpointer


Front Page
Understanding Front Page, Open a page, Create A New page, New Page in Folder List, Opening A New Window, Open The Last page Automatically when You open front page, Find Text In The page
Working with Views in FrontPage
Customizing Your Workspace
Designing webs, web pages- Add page Elements, Add Graphics, Format pages, Format page Element make pages Interactive
Authoring HTML
Ensuring web compatibility
Analyzing webs
Publishing webs
Using FrontPage In workgroups
Using FrontPage with office
Basics in Flash
Drawing and painting in Flash
Importing Graphics into Flash
Applied Advanced Techniques
Using Library
Animating in Flash
Understanding Animation
Using Motion Twin to Animate
Using Shape wine to Morph
Using Sound in Animation
Using Layer in Animation
Animating Using movie Clips Graphics Symbol
Adding Interactivity and Advanced Animation
Adding Animation Button for user to click
Using Action to create Non liner Movies
Action Scripting Application for Advanced Interactivity.
Using smart Clip
Putting Flash on web
Linking Movie to web
Designing website to Modular
Creating a Interface to Match your Message
Optimize your website
Advanced Animation Techniques
Publishing your Creation
Dream Weaver
Understanding Dream weaver
Creating a basic web page with Text
Planning and Creating your Projects using site windows
Hyperlinks, URL, Anchor’s Mailto Links
Adding Images and Multimedia
Displaying Images on a page and Create a Image Map
Adding Multimedia
Layout Design and Dynamic HTML
Displaying Data with table
Designing your page layout Using Table
Using Dynamic HTML and Layer’s
Formatting your web pates with cascade style sheet’s and HTML style Sheet’s
Understanding Building Frames and Frameset
Dream weaver- Interaction and Behavior Timeline
Inserted Scripted Functionality with Behavior
Adding Advanced Behavior.
Animating with Timeline
User Data Collection with Forms
Creating and using a form to collect data.
Sending and reading to form data
Additional Development/ Collaboration
Managing and Uploading Your projects
Managing your Assets with Asset panel
Reusing items in website with Library
Creating And Applying a Template’s
Using Server side includes and Adding dates

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