Computer Organization and Architecture
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

Computer Organization and Architecture


UNIT 1   Digital Components          

Flip-Flops, Counter, Register, Half adder-Full Adder, Half subtractor-Full subtractor, Coder-Decoder, Multiplexer,   De-multiplexer, Magnitude Comparator

UNIT  2    Input-Output Organization         

Different I/O techniques (Programmed I/O, Interrupt-Driven I/O, Direct Memory Access), I/O Processors.

UNIT 3      Memory Unit  

Memory Hierarchy, Semiconductor RAM memories, Internal organization of Memory Chips, Read Only Memories; Locality of reference, Cache Memory, Mapping functions, Virtual Memory, Paging; Magnetic Disk, RAID, Optical memories, Magnetic tape

UNIT 4     CPU Organization                            

CPU Building Blocks, CPU Registers and BUS Characteristics, Registers and System Bus Characteristics; Instruction Format; Addressing Modes; Interrupts: Concepts and types; Instruction and Execution Interrupt cycle; Hardwired and Micro Program control; Introduction to RISC and CISC

UNIT 5    Multi-Processor Organization  

Parallel Processing, Concept and Block Diagram, Types (SISD, SIMD, Interconnect network, MIMD, MISD), Future Directions for Parallel Processors, Performance of Processors.

UNIT 6    Pipelining                                    

Data Path, Time Space Diagram, Hazards. Instruction Pipelining, Arithmetic Pipelining

Suggested Readings: 

1. Computer System Architecture - M.Moris Mano (PHI Publication)
2. Computer Organization and Architecture - Pal Chaudhari
3. Structured Computer Organization - Tanenbaum