Performance & Reward Management
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

This course aims at providing the student the basic understanding of performance appraisal and development of good compensation plan in organizational setting.


Performance Management: Performance "Management* versus performance "appraisal" Performance Management and Human Resources Management; Planning employee performance and development: Basic Concepts, Components of the performance and development plan Setting mutual expectations and performance criteria; Monitoring employee performance: Mentoring, On-going monitoring and review On-going mentoring and development; Annual Stock-taking: Stock taking of performance, Stock taking of potential Appraising for recognition and reward; Getting into Grips: Transmitting Learning into Action, Operationalising change through Performance Management Building and leading high performing teams; Reward and Compensation Management: Competitive Imperatives: Productivity, Quality, Service, Speed, Learning, Planning for Improved Competitiveness, Equity in Compensation systems, Designing compensation packages for different levels in the organization, Dealing with Fringe Benefits and Retirement Benefits, Statutory and Tax aspects in designing remuneration packages

Suggested Readings: 

1. Milkvich & Newman : Compensation - TMH
2. Sinha P.R.N. – Wage Determination in India
3. Pramod Verma –Labour Economics and Industrial Relations
4. Bergess, Lenard R. – Wage & Salary Administration, London, Charles Evami,
5. K.N. Subramarniam , Wages in India. 6. Sharma A.M. – Understanding Wage System – Himalaya.