Indian Business Environment
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

This course aims at providing the students the knowledge of basic framework and intricacies of Indian business environment.


Nature, components and determinants of business environment; basic nature of Indian economic system; relation size and growth of public and private corporate sector; social responsibility of business; broad features of India’s now economic policy. Trend and pattern of industrial growth; review of industrial policy developments; industrial licensing policy; liberalization of the private sector; trends and issues in corporate management; growth and problems of the small scale sector; public sector reforms and privatization the problem of industrial sickness; MRTP Act, SICA and Industrial Disputes Act. Development banks for corporate Sector (IDBI, IFCI, ICICI)- trends pattern and policy; regulation of stock exchanges and the role of SEBI; banking sector reforms; challenges facing public sector banks; growth and changing structure of non bank financial institutions; problem of non performing assets in Indian Banks. Trend and pattern of India’s foreign trade and balance of payments; latest EXIM policy-main features; policy towards foreign direct investment; globalization trends in Indian economy; role of MNCs; India’s policy commitments to multilateral institutions- IMF, World Bank and WTO.

Suggested Readings: 

1. Sundaram & Black, International Business Environment – Text & Cases, PHI, N.Delhi.
2. F.Cherunilum, Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing house, New Delhi
3. Shaw, Business Ethics, Thomson Learning, Bombay.
4. Biswanath Ghosh, Economic Environment & Business, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
5. N.K.Sengupta, Government and Business, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
6. K. Aswathappa, Business Environment for Strategic Management, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi
7. Govt. of India, Economic Survey (latest year).