Tourism Concept and Linkages
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

This course is specifically aimed at creating a clear perception of the incumbents on conceptual and philosophical framework of Tourism.

Block 1

Tourism: Definition, Meaning,  Nature and Scope

Unit 1 

Emergence and Evolution of concept of Tourism

Unit 2

Understanding Basic Terminology of the Tourism:  Traveller, Visitor, Tourist, Excursionist,  Resource, Attraction, Product, Market, Industry and Destination

Unit 3

Components and Elements of Tourism

Unit 4

Different Approaches to Study Tourism

Unit 5

Types and Forms of Tourism

Block 2

Tourism – Growth Perspectives and Typologies

Unit 6

Factors  Affecting Growth of Tourism

Unit 7

Recreation,  Leisure and Tourism Inter-relationship

Unit 8

Concept of Push and Pull Forces in Tourism

Unit 9

Motivation for Travel and Tourism and,  Relevance of Motivation Studies

Block 3

Tourism Infrastructure and Industry Perspective

Unit 10

Tourism Industry: Organization and Scope

Unit 11

Tourism Infra structure – Types and Typologies

Unit 12

Chain of Distribution in Tourism Industry and Significance of Vertical and Horizontal Integration

Block 4

Tourism Product, Tourist Demand, and The Supply-Mix

Unit 13

Tourism Product and Its Components

Unit 14

Tourist Demand – ‘Concept’, ‘Types’ and ‘Unique Features’ ; Tourism Supply-mix

Unit 15

The Tourism System – Dimensions and Applications

Unit 16

Tourism Linkages – Scope, Challenges and Problem of Co-ordination/Integration.


Suggested Readings: