Principles of Management
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To acquaint learners with the management principles and functions.

Block 1 :Theories of Management

Unit 1

Management  - Nature, Definition, Characteristics and Importance

Unit 2

Evolution of Science and Art of Management and the Core Management Thoughts

Unit 3

Schools of Management: Administrative, Scientific, Behavioral, Open Systems, Contingency and  Systems : Theory to Practice 

Unit 4

Functions of Management and Skills of a Professional  Manager

Block 2 : Planning and Organizing

Unit 5

Planning: Concept, Process and Types of Planning

Unit 6

Organizational Structures and Departmentation

Unit 7

Delegation and Decentralization

Unit 8

Span of Control and Types of Organization

Unit 9

Decision Making

Block 3 : Staffing and Directing

Unit 10

Staffing : Nature, purpose and Process

Unit 11

Meaning, Principles and Significance of Directing

Unit 12

Leadership – Theories and Typologies

Unit 13

Motivation:  Meaning, Definition and  Theories

Unit 14

Processes of Communication: Typologies, Significance and  Barriers

Block 4 : Coordination and Control

Unit 15

Characteristics, Importance and Effective Process of Coordination

Unit 16

Controlling: Essence and Techniques