Introduction to Marketing
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To impart knowledge and develop thinking towards the dynamic, challenging and innovative marketing of Tourism.

Block 1 : Introduction to  Marketing

Unit 1 

Market and Marketing : Meaning, Nature and Scope

Unit 2

The Key ‘Ps’ of Marketing

Unit 3

Product Marketing and Service Marketing -  Commonalities and Differentiations

Block 2 : Significance of ‘Research’ and ‘Professionalism’ in Marketing

Unit 4 

Marketing Information System and Market Research

Unit 5

Concept of Market Segmentation and Market Targeting

Unit 6

Analysis of Consumer's Buying Behaviour

Unit 7

Market Research and Fore casting Market Demand

Block 3 : Designing Marketing Strategies

Unit 9

Competitive Differentiation and Product Positioning


Unit 10

New Product Development Strategies

Unit 11

Marketing Strategies at different stages of product Life Cycle


Unit 12

Product  Pricing Strategies - Product Levels, Product Issues, Brand Decisions and  Product Pricing 

Unit 13

Distribution Channel Strategies - Nature and Importance of Distribution Systems; Channel design decisions and Channel Management Decisions

Block 4 : Planning and Controlling Marketing Programs

Unit 14

Planning Marketing Programmes: Product line, Product Mix, Branding, Packaging, and Management of Distribution.

Unit 15

Designing Communication and  Promotion Mix - Steps in developing Effective Communication Advertising Strategies - Major Decisions in Advertising

Unit 16

Sales Promotion - Selecting, Developing and Implementing Sales Promotion Strategies

Unit 17

Public Relation - Public Relation Process, Major tools in Marketing Public Relations, Public Relations Opportunities for Hospitality Industry