Indian History, Society and Culture
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

Block 1 Historical Perspective

Unit 1

The process of Continuity and Change Through Pre, Proto and Ancient Times


Unit 2


Medieval History with Special Reference to the Influence of Akbar


Unit 3


Modern History and Impact of Colonial Raj

Unit 4


Key Archaeological Findings


Block 2 Religion and Philosophy

Unit 5


The Great Vedic Heritage of India: Vedas, Brhmanas, Epics, Puranas, Smirtis and Upnishadas


Unit 6

Preaching of Srimad Bhagwad Gita


Unit 7

The Glorious Institution of Hinduism


Unit 8

Essence of Jainism and Buddhism


Unit 9

Traditions of Islam and Christianity


Unit 10

Sikhism and Other Religions   


Block 3 Heritage of Art and Craft

Unit 11

Architectural Heritage of India


Unit 12

Salient Features of Indian Sculpture and Paintings


Unit 13

Classical and  Folk Dances


Unit 14

Indian Music and Musical instruments


Unit 15



Block 4 Folk Traditions and Societal Perspectives

Unit 16

Age-old Legacy of Pilgrimages


Unit 17

Colours of Indian Fairs and Festivals


Unit 18

Societal Perspective and Social Institutions


Unit 19

Modernization and Change