Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

To familiarize learners with the fundamentals of Tourism industry and to provide the conceptual understanding of the discipline.


Unit No.


Block 1

Travel Agency and Tour Operations Sectors


Unit 1 

Travel and Tour Operations Trade: Origin and Development and Changing Scenario especially due to CRS & ICT


Unit 2

Meaning and Definitions of Travel Agency and Tour Operators


Unit 3

Forms & Typologies of Tour Operators and Travel Agents and Differentiations Between Them


Unit 4

Role and Contributions of Travel Agents & Tour Operators in Development & Growth of Tourism Industry in India; Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business

Block 2

Travel Agency Business


Unit 5

Core areas of Travel Agency Business and Functions (Ticketing, Travel Facilitation, Documentation, Marketing etc.)


Unit 6

Departmentalization of a Travel Agency and Organizational Structure of a Standard Travel Agency


Unit 7

Setting up a Travel Agency, Fiscal & Non-Fiscal Incentives Provided by the Government and Sources of Income


Unit 8

Procedures for approval from the State Department, Central Government and IATA

Block 3

Tour Operations Management


Unit 9

Tour Operations: Considerations, Challenges and Organization


Unit 10

Organizational Structure and Functions of a Tour Operator (Negotiating & Contracting with Suppliers, Tour Planning & Execution, Marketing etc. )


Unit 11

Factors Affecting Tour Planning and Sources of Income


Unit 12

Requirements and obligatory conditions to set up a Tour Operation Unit

Block 4

Case Studies of Travel Trade Organizations and Associations


Unit 13



Unit 14



Unit 15

Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings


Unit 16

Orbitz  and SOTC