International Tourism
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

To equip the students with necessary knowledge on International Tourism trends and the related aspects, so that they could deal with planning, marketing or management of Tourism efficiently.

Block 1
Contemporary Trends in International Tourism

Unit 1 

Global Tourist Traffic Trends and Receipt Patterns Over the Years

Unit 2

Regional Distribution of International Tourist Traffic and Tourism Receipts, Regional Disparities and Tourism gap.

Unit 3

Dynamics of Tourist Outflows from Leading Tourism Market Countries - U.S.A. Germany, U.K. France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Japan and Australia with Special Reference to the Target Destinations and Demand Patterns.

Unit 4

Tourist Inflow Patterns to Popular Destination Countries – USA, France, Spain, Italy, China, Austria, Switzerland and Australia

Block 2
International Tourism in SAAR Region with Special Reference to India

Unit 5

State of International Tourism in Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan

Unit 6

Performance of Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Maldives in International Tourism

Unit 7

India’s Place in International Tourism in Inbound and Outbound Perspectives

Unit 8

Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic  Segmentation of Effective and Potential  Tourism Markets of India

Unit 9

 Emerging  Trends of ‘Ethnic’, ‘Rural’, ‘Eco’, ‘Medical’, ‘Adventure’ and ‘MICE’ Tourism vis a vis Prospects of Indian Tourism

Block 3
Role and Contribution of Leading International Organizations in Promotion of Tourism

Unit 10


Unit 11


Unit 12


Block 4
Some Key Perspectives of International Tourism

Unit 13

Impact of Major Political, Economic and Environmental Happenings on International Tourism

Unit 14

International Tourism in future perspective: Projections made by WTO and other Institutions

Unit 15

International Tourism, Global Understanding, World Peace and Communal Harmony

Unit 16

Measurement of Tourist Traffic and Receipt Patterns - Measurement Techniques and their Limitations