Hospitality, Hotel and Hoteliering
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

The course has been specially designed to provide an overview of the various essential perspectives of Hotel, so that the incumbents are better prepared to perceive and subsequently practice the dynamic operational and managerial functions of this sector, professionally.

Block I
 Hospitality and Hoteliering  : Meaning , Nature and Typologies

Unit 1 

Hospitality: Origin and Evolution in International Context 

Unit 2

Age old Institution of Hospitality with the Spirit of ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’in India and its present Status

Unit 3

Typology of Accommodation

Unit 4

Origin and growth of Hotel industry with special Reference to India

Block 2
 Departmentation in Standard International Hotel International Hotel and, Organization  and Functions of Various Departments

Unit 5

Front Office

Unit 6

Food Production

Unit 7

F & B Service

Unit 8

House Keeping

Unit 9

Back Office and Other Ancillary Departments

Block 3
 Type and Forms of Hotels

Unit 10

Classification of Hotel on  Basis of Location, Size, Clientele and Range of Service etc

Unit 11

Star Classification – Criteria and Procedure Adopted in India

Unit 12

Resort Properties, Heritage Hotels and Ecotels – Concept and Emerging Dimensions

Block 4
Institutional, Promotional and Regulatory Aspects

Unit 13

Manpower Requirement in Hotel Sector vis a vis  Existing HRD Structure  in India

Unit 14

Role and Contribution of I.T.D.C.  and  State Tourism Corporations  in Development of Hotel Sector in India

Unit 15

Multinational Hotel Chains and their Impact on Indian Hoteliering Business.

Unit 16

Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Incentives Available for Hospitality Sector in the Country

Unit 17

International Regulations and, Prevailing Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Framework in India


Block 5
Case Studies of Hotels

Unit 18

The Taj, Mumbai

Unit 19

Leela Resort Beach, Goa

Unit 20

The Cecil, Shimla