Itinerary Preparation and Tour Packaging
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

To impart knowledge for the most crucial and deciding aspect of Tour operations.

Block 1
Itinerary Meaning, Nature and Scope

Unit 1 

Itinerary: Historical Evolution, Concept and Definition

Unit 2

The Elementary Components of an Itinerary

Unit 3

Relevance and Scope of Itineraries

Unit 4

The Art of Itinerary Planning (Sequence & Timing of Attractions, Route Planning, Rest Stops, Parking Management, Client- Specific Requirements, Energy Levels etc.)

Block 2
Types of Itineraries

Unit 5

Pre-designed and Tailor Made Itineraries

Unit 6

Tour Manager’s/ Executive’s Itinerary

Unit 7

Tour Escort’s Itinerary

Unit 8

Tourist’s Itinerary

Block 3
Types of Tour Packages

Unit 9

Historical, Cultural and Monumental Tour Packages

Unit 10

Adventure, Sports and Wellness Packages

Unit 11

Corporate and MICE Packages

Unit 12

Special Interest Tour Packages

Block 4
Costing of Tour Packages

Unit 13

Various Components of Tour Packages (Transportation, Accommodation, F & B, Escort & Guiding, Entertainment and Shopping)

Unit 14

Negotiating & Contracting with Suppliers

Unit 15

Cost Evaluation, Competition Analysis and Strategic Costing

Unit 16

Pricing of the Tour Packages on FIT and GIT Basis (Costs + Add Ons)