Computer Applications in Tourism
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

An introduction to micro computing for the non-specialist, and provides students with an understanding of the role of information systems in the management of tourism & hotel facilities.

Block 1
Computer Technology and Tourism

Unit 1

History and Evolution of Computer Generation; Computer Hardware and Computer Software, CPU

Unit 2

Concepts of Computer Applications, Input / Output Devices; Numbering System and Data Representation, DOS Commands

Unit 3

Windows and MS Office, MS Word / MS Excel / MS Power Presentation;

Unit 4

Uses of Computer Technology in Tourism Industry: Travel Agency, Hospitality and Airlines Operators

Block 2
Application of Computer Software in Tourism Industry

Unit 5

Introduction  of  CRS,  CRS  for  Rail  Transport,  CRS  for  Hotel  Booking, 
CRS  for  Airlines

Unit 6

Global Distribution system- Concept and uses
An introduction to Amadeus, Galileo, sabre and worldspan

Unit 7

Use of MICROS – FIDELIO and other latest software in Tourism Operation
Customized softwares of various organization case study TCI/Kuoni

Unit 8

Advantages and Disadvantages of using computer technology; Advantages and Disadvantages of using computer software

Block 3
Fundamentals of Internet

Unit 9

Introduction to Internet,  Accessing Web Sites,

Unit 10

Computer Network & Microsoft outlook
Concept of LAN, WAN and What is E-Mail,  Sending   & Receiving  of  E-Mails,  Subscription  of  E-Mail  to various Sites,

Unit 11

Search Engines, Searching through various Search Engines, Chatting, and Various Online Messages.

Unit 12

Travel Agency Automation, Tourism Production System, Arm Chair Tourism, E-Tourism Business, E-Tourism Marketing

Block 4
E-Business in Tourism

Unit 13

Meaning and Applications of E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Marketing; Significance of E-Commerce in Tourism and Travel

Unit 14

E-Business Setup: B2B, B2C, C2C

Unit 15

Safety and Security in E-Business; Encryption, Firewall, Digital Signature

Unit 16

On line business and it’s setup, Study of any Three E-Business Organisation in Tourism and Travel