Tourism, Travel and Transport
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

To disseminate knowledge regarding the concepts, characters, growth and management of transport management.

Block 1
Introduction to Transport System

Unit 1 

Characteristics of Transport System

Unit 2

Types and Modes of Tourist Transport

Unit 3

Landmarks in the Development of Transport Sector

Unit 4

Tourist Transport System: Distribution and Operational Requirements

Block 2
Various Modes of Transport

Unit 5

Air Transport: Origin and Growth in International Context

Unit 6

Surface Transport: Growth and Development

Unit 7

Water Transport: Evolution, Growth and Prospects

Unit 8

Linkages and Inter-Relationship between different modes of Transport

Block 3
National and International Organizations

Unit 9

Role and Importance of IATA and ICAO in Development of Air Transport Industry

Unit 10

Role and Functions of DGCA

Unit 11

Contribution of ITTA in Growth of Indian Tourist Transport Industry

Unit 12

Indian Railways and Tourism

Block 4
Marketing of Tourist Transport

Unit 13

Demand and Supply Equation vis-à-vis of Tourist Transport

Unit 14

Promotion of Tourist Transport: Approaches and Techniques

Unit 15

Effective Sales and Advertising for Tourist Transport

Unit 16

Marketing of Tourist Transport: Challenges and Prospect