Fundamental of Human Resource and Organization Behaviour
Year / Semester: 
5th Semester

The success of any organization depends upon the Human Resources working in the Organization, being a labour intensive industry, the tourism industry highly rely on its man power. The course focuses on the complete cycle through which the Human Resources undergo after joining the organisation. The course also specifically covers the need and the requirement of Human Resources in the Tourism Industry.

Block 1
The Foundations and Challenges of HRM

Unit 1 

Definition of HRM, Role, Importance and Challenges of HRM

Unit 2

Differences between HRM and HRD, Meaning and Importance of HRD

Unit 3

HRM in Tourism Industry in India: Travel Agencies, Hotels

Unit 4

Organizational Structure of HR Department in Tourism Industry with the help of Case Studies

Block 2
Human Resource Planning

Unit 5

Job Evaluation: Concept, scope and limitation

Unit 6

Job Analysis and Job Description-Concepts and methods;
Task Analysis

Unit 7

Recruitment and Selection Process; Induction and placement; Employees Training and Development

Unit 8

Performance Appraisal – Methods, Techniques and Monitoring
Transfer, Promotion and Rewards; Grievances and disciplinary issues

Block 3
Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Unit 9

Meaning, Definition and Importance of Organization Behaviour

Unit 10

Perception and Motivation in Organizations

Unit 11

Process of Learning in the study of Organization Behaviour: Meaning, Factors influencing Learning

Unit 12

Organizational Communication: Meaning, Types, Farms and Networks

Block 4
Organization Effectiveness

Unit 13

Leadership: Meaning, Types and Process Theories

Unit 14

Group Behaviour in Organization

Unit 15

Meaning and Concept of Organization Effectiveness

Unit 16

Organization Change and Organization Development with Case Studies
Emerging trends and perspectives