Tourism Impacts
Year / Semester: 
5th Semester

To familarise learners with the scocio-economic and environmental impacts of Tourism.

Block 1
Impact of Tourism on Socio-economic Environment of the Destination

Unit 1

Good, Bad and Ugly Faces of Tourism

Unit 2 

Direct, Indirect and Induced Economic Benefits of Tourism to Destination Economy

Unit 3

Multiplier Effects of Tourism: Sales, Output, Income and Employments Multiplier of Tourism.

Unit 4

Social Benefits of Tourism – Improvement in Living Standard, Social Awareness and Integration, Greater Communication with Outside World and, Modernization of Infrastructure

Unit 5

Negative Implications of Tourism:  Neo-colonization,  Inflation, Conspicuous Consumption patterns, Withdrawal of Labor from other Sectors  and  Over-dependence on Tourism

Unit 6

Social Costs of Tourism – Demonstration Affect, Materialistic Attitude,  Dilution of Social Institutions, increase in crime

Block 2
Tourism and Destination Culture

Unit 7

Tourism and Culture Inter-relationship:   Synergy,  Symbiosis, and Antagonism

Unit 8

Positive Impacts of Tourism on Culture : Contribution towards Conservation of Heritage Objects, revival and Rediscovery of lost traditions, Motivation to Artisans and Craftsmanship, Cultural Awareness and Keener Sense of belongingness for cultural heritage

Unit 9

Negative Cultural Implications of Tourism:  Over-use of Monuments and other Cultural Objects, Xenophobia, Cultural Shocks, Erosion of Religious Values and Institutions, Acculturation,  Beggar Mentality, Commercialization of Art, Craft and Traditions

Block 3
Tourism, Environment  and Ecology

Unit 10

Tourism, Ecology and Environment: Relationship of Complementarity vs Conflict

Unit 11

Positive Impacts of Tourism on Ecology: Direct and Indirect Contribution in Protection, Preservation of Natural Heritage;  Judicious and Non-Consumptive use  of Natural Resources,  Infusing Environmental Awareness and, Supporting the Cause of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Biosphere Reserves and,

Unit 12

Negative Environmental Implications of Tourism:  Encroachment on natural areas, Over-crowding, Noise and Pollution, deterioration of environmental quality and Disturbance in Eco-balance

Block 4
Tourism Carrying Capacity and Environmental Impact Assessment

Unit 13

Essence of Sustainable Tourism Development

Unit 14

Bio-physical, Socio Cultural, Aesthetic and Facility Carrying Capacity: Concept, Need and Evaluation Techniques

Unit 15

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Auditing

Block 4
Legal and Regulatory Framework for Protection and Conservation of Environment and Natural Resources

Unit 16

Environment Protection Act

Unit 17

Wildlife and Forest Protection Act

Unit 18

Water, Air Protection Acts.