Tourism Policy and Planning
Year / Semester: 
6th Semester

To impart knowledge regarding the process and approaches to tourism policy and planning. To also aware learners about the Indian tourism policies and planning constituted so far.

Block 1
Tourism Policy and Planning Framework

Unit 1

Review of Tourism Planning Progress in International and India Context

Unit 2

Tourism Policy – Meaning, Nature, Relevance and Salient Feature

Unit 3

Tourism Planning: Significance, Constraints, Grey Areas and Scope

Unit 4

Levels and Types of Tourism Planning

Unit 5

Destination Development and its Components

Unit 6

Concept of Destination Life Cycle and it Relevance in the Context of Destination Planning

Block 2
Steps and Stages in Destination Planning

Unit 7

 ‘Conceptualization’, ‘Background Analysis’ and  ‘In-depth Research and Analysis Phase’

Unit 8

‘Synthesis’ Phase and Preparation of Position Statements

Unit 9

Objective-setting, Goal-setting and Strategy-setting and Plan Writing

Unit 10

Tourism Project Feasibility Study

Block 3
Approaches to Tourism Planning

Unit  11

Eco-centric or Environmental Approach of Tourism Planning

Unit 12

Community Approach of Tourism Planning

Unit 13

Concept of Tourism Complex Planning and its relevance in Indian Contex.


Block 4
Tourism Policy and Planning: Indian Perspective

Unit 14

Place of Tourism in India’s Five Year Plans

Unit 15

Tourism Policy of India and Contribution of NCT to this Effect

Unit 16

Organizational Structure of Tourism in India at Central and State Level

Unit 17

Salient Features of the Tourism Policy of Himachal Pradesh, Rajsthan, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.