Entrepreneurship Development
Year / Semester: 
6th Semester

To invoke an understanding and nurture thinking towards the scope of entrepreneurial development in tourism.

Block 1
Entrepreneurship and Institutional Role

Unit 1 

Entrepreneurial Traits, Types and Significance; Entrepreneurship Skills

Unit 2

Definition, Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Types;  Role of Entrepreneur in Economic and Social Development

Unit 3

Theories of Entrepreneurship;  Preparation of Business Plan

Unit 4

Institutional role in the development of Entrepreneurs like SIDCO (State Industrial Development Corporation) and Banks

Block 2
Enterprise Development

Unit 5

Identification of Entrepreneurship opportunities and Environmental Analysis

Unit 6

Feasibility Study and Impact Assessmnet

Unit 7

Legal requirements for Small Scale Enterprises (SSE’s) in Tourism; Documentation for SSE’s in India and Uttarakhand

Unit 8

Managing of Family Enterprises in Tourism

Block 3
Issues related to SSE’s

Unit 9

Opening of Small Scale Tourism Enterprises; Market Analysis and Assessment

Unit 10

Choice of site and Technology; Financing Options

Unit 11

Ownership Structure and Organizational Framework

Unit 12

Role and Importance of Entrepreneur in Economic Growth;

Block 4
Management of SSE’s

Unit 13

Managerial Processes in SSE’s;

Unit 14

Managing Human Resources in SSE’s

Unit 15

Performance Assessment and Control of SSE’s

Unit 16

Marketing SSE’s in Tourism: Use of Internet and Consortiums