Principles of Management
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester


Unit No.


Block 1

Introduction to the Concept of  Management


Unit 1   

Evolution of the Process of  Management and  its present status


Unit 2

Nature, Definition, Characteristics and Importance of Management


Unit 3

Different Schools of Management: Administrative, Scientific, Behavioural, Open Systems, Contingency, Systems, Theory Z, Mc Kinsey's Seven S


Unit 4

Skills and Roles of Management Professionals

Block 2

Key Functions of Management-I


Unit 5

Planning: Meaning, Concept and Importance; Process and Types of Planning


Unit 6

Principles of Planning, Steps of Planning; Decision Making; Management By Objectives


Unit 7

Organizing: Meaning and Importance; Organisational Structures and Departmentation


Unit 8

Organizing: Delegation and Decentralization; Span of Control; Types of Organisation

Block 3

Key Functions of Management-II


Unit 9

Staffing: Nature and Purpose; Process of Staffing; Directing


Unit 10

Leading; Motivation; Communication


Unit 11

Controlling: Need and importance of Control; Methods of Control


Unit 12

Characteristics of Effective Control; Controlling a Tourism organization: Challenges and Strategies

Block 4

Management of Tourism and Travel Trade


Unit 13

Tourism & Travel Trade: Characteristics and Unique Features


Unit 14

The Art of Managing a Tourism Trade Organization


Unit 15

Mega Events: Planning, Managing and Effective Implementation


Unit 16

Case Study on Management of GMVN and KMVN