Indian History, Society and Culture
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester
Block 1 Historical Perspective

Unit 1   

 Chronological Account of the Pre, Proto and Ancient History of India

Unit 2

Landmarks of Medieval History

Unit 3

State of India Under British Rule 

Unit 4

Independence Movement and Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi

Unit 5

Post Independence Achievements of the Country

Block 2 Religion and Philosophy

Unit 6

The Great Vedic Heritage of India: Vedas, Brhmanas, Epics, Puranas, Smirtis, Upnishadas and, The Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Unit 7

 Philosophy of Hinduism

Unit 8

Doctrine of Jainism and Buddhism

Unit 9

Essence of  Sikhism, Islam and Christianity

Unit 10

The glorious institutions of pilgrimage and its present status

Block 3 Heritage of Art and Craft

Unit 11

Architectural Marvels of India

Unit 12

Schools of Indian Sculpture and Painting

Unit 13

Unique Feature of Classical and  Folk Dances

Unit 14

Glorious Gharanas of Hinustani Music

Unit 15

Popular Handicrafts of India

Block 4 Folk Traditions and Societal Perspectives

Unit 16

Unique Folk  Traditions, Dress, Life Style and Cuisine

Unit 17

Popular Fairs and Festivals

Unit 18

Social Life and Important Social Institutions

Unit 19

Impact of Globalization and Modernization on Indian Society

Unit 20

India – The Eminent Symbol of ‘Unity in Diversity’.