Tourism Resources of India
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

Block 1 Resource Potential for Land Based Adventure Tourism Activities

Unit 1        

Trekking Tourism with special Reference to the Himalayas.

Unit 2

Mountaineering and Ice Skiing

Unit 3

River running, Water skiing and other water based tourist activities

Unit 4

Wildlife Tourism, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Unit 5

Desert Safaris and Aero Sports

Block 2 Museums and Monuments and Historical sites

Unit 6

Museums and Art Galleries

Unit 7

Forts, Palaces and Historical Buildings in North India

Unit 8

Unique Monuments of South India

Unit 9

Architectural Landmarks of Eastern India

Unit 10

Architectural Treasures in Western India

Block 3 Religious Tourism Resources

Unit 11

The four Dhams and other important Hindu Religious centres

Unit 12

Key shrines Resorts of Jainisim and Buddhism

Unit 13

Leading Pilgrim Centers of Sikhism, Islam and Christanity

Unit 14

Religious fairs and festivals of Touristic importance

Block 4 Other Tourism Resources

Unit 15

Handicrafts and opportunities for tourist shopping

Unit 16

 Yoga, Naturopathy and Medical Tourism

Unit 17

Summer and Winter Retreats

Unit 18

Beaches, Backwaters and Islands