International Tourism: Trends and Typologies
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

Block 1
International Tourism: Past, Present and Future Perspective

Unit 1   

Growth and Development of  Tourism through the Ages; Emergence of Modern Concept of Tourism

Unit 2

Contemporary Trends in International Tourism – Global Tourist Traffic and Tourism Receipt Patterns

Unit 3

Emerging Tourist Demand Patterns –Eco,  Ethnic,  Adventure, MICE, Medical and Well-being Tourism

Unit 4

Regional Gap in Tourism and the Dynamically Changing Market-Destination Trends

Block 2
International Tourism in SAAR Region with Special Reference to India

Unit 5

Key  Global Tourism Markets

Unit 6

Leading Destination Countries and Regions of the World

Unit 7

International Tourism in SARRC Region

Unit 8

Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic  Segmentation of Effective and Potential  Tourism Markets of India

Unit 9

India’s Performance in International Tourism – A Critical Assessments

Block 3
Role and Contribution of Leading Organizations in Promotion of Tourism

Unit 10


Unit 11


Unit 12


Unit 13

BTA and DOT (India)

Block 4
Some Key Perspectives of International Tourism

Unit 14

Tourism Measurement – Procedure, Need, Scope and Constraints

Unit 15

Dynamics of Tourist Demands and Tourist Traffic Trends in Future Perspective

Unit 16

Tourism and Globalization: Inter-relationship, Scope and Implications.

Unit 17

Factors Affecting International Tourism and Need for Effective Crisis Management