MIS for Tourism
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

Block 1

Introduction to MIS

Unit 1   

Meaning, Concept and Scope of MIS,

Unit 2

Key Components and Elements of MIS,

Unit 3

Approaches to Information Systems.

Unit 4

Various types of Information Systems and Their Implications

Block 2

MIS & Computers

Unit 5

Computer s and  Components of a computer System

Unit 6

Operation of  manual information system and Conversion of Manual to Computer based systems,

Unit 7

Data Processing, Data Bank Concept and Types of Computer based Applications,

Unit 8

Data Based Management Systems

Block 3

Planning Designing and Implementation of MIS

Unit 9

Planning MIS: Need, Dimensions and Techniques

Unit 10

Systematic Process involved in Designing MIS

Unit 11

Implementing MIS: Steps in Implementation

Unit 12

Decision Making and MIS

Block 4
MIS and Tourism

Unit 13

MIS and Tourism – Scope and Significance

Unit 14

Application of CRS in Travel Trade and Hospitality Sectors of Tourism

Unit 15

Business Applications of Computers in Tourism Industry with Special Reference to - Financial Analysis and Marketing

Unit 16

Scope of Computer Applications in Destination Planning and Development