Human Resource Management
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

Block 1

Unit 1 

HRM: Definition, Role, Significance and Challenges

Unit 2

HRD: Meaning and Importance; Differences between HRM and HRD,  

Unit 3

HRM in Tourism Industry in India: Travel Agencies, Tour Operations and Hotels;  

Unit 4

Organizational Structure of HR Department in Tourism Industry with the help of Case Studies

Block 2

Unit 5

Human Resource Planning: Meaning, Nature and Needs of Human Resource Planning, Planning Process

Unit 6

Recruitment and Selection

Unit 7

Training and Development

Unit 8

Job Evaluation: Concept, Scope, Limitation and Methods

Unit 9

Job Analysis and Job Description

Block 3

Unit 10

Human Resource Motivation: Techniques and Importance, Theories of Motivation,

Unit 11

Employee Welfare and Compensation Management

Unit 12

Employee Discipline and Grievance Handling

Block 4

Unit 13

Human Resource Accounting and Audit

Unit 14

Human Resource Policies

Unit 15

Human Resource Records and Information Systems

Unit 16

Emerging Issues and Trends in HRM