Itinerary Planning and Tour Packaging
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

Block 1
Itinerary Meaning, Nature and Scope

Unit 1 

Itinerary and Travel Plan: Definition, Differentiation, Scope and Significance

Unit 2

Components and Elements of an Effective Tour Itinerary

Unit 3

Information and Research Input Required in Preparation of Tour Itineraries

Unit 4

Systematic Approach for Itinerary Preparation; Constraints and Grey Areas involved in Preparation of Innovative Itineraries

Block 2 Types of Itineraries

Unit 5

Pre-designed, ‘Tailor Made’ and ‘flexible’ Itineraries: Scope and Differentiation

Unit 6

Tour Manager’s/Executive’s and Tour Escort’s Itinerary – Definitions and Case Examples

Unit 7

‘Common Interest’ and ‘Special Interest’ Itineraries – Salient Features and Case Models

Unit 8

Unique Features of MICE Centric Itineraries; Case Examples

Block 3
Tour Packaging – Concept, Nature and Scope

Unit 9

Tour Packaging: Concept, Significance, Scope and Limitations

Unit 10

Key Elements and Steps involved in Formulation  Standard Tour Package

Unit 11

Costing and Pricing of Tour Packages - Competition Analysis and Strategic Costing

Unit 12

Marketing of Tour Packages; Need for Pre-active Approach

Block 4
Tour Packaging in Indian Context – Case Examples

Unit 13

Land Based Adventure Tourism Packages - Trekking, Mountaineering, Skiing and Wildlife Watching

Unit 14

‘Aero-sports’ and ‘Water-sports’ Based Packages

Unit 15

Cultural Tourism Packages – Pilgrimage, Festivities and, ‘Monuments and Museum Visits’

Unit 16

Special Interest Tour Packages - Ethnic, Eco, Medical and Health and  Holiday Packages