Research Methodology
Year / Semester: 
3rd Semester

Block - 1

Introduction to Research

Unit 1 

Research: Meaning, Types, Scope and. Significance

Unit 2

Guiding Principles in Selection of Research Problem;  Research Objectives and Approaches

Unit 3

Research Process and  Criteria of Good Research; Research Method vis a vis Methodology

Unit 4

Research Design – Meaning, Need, Typologies and, Key Components 

Block - 2

Data Collection, Survey and Sampling

Unit 5

Data: Meaning, Nature, Types and Sources; Methods of Collecting Secondary Data

Unit 6

Surveys – Definition, Purpose and Scope;  Survey Techniques and their Limitations. 

Unit 7

Questionnaires and Schedules – Definition and Differentiation; Types of Questionnaires; Salient Features of an Effective Questionnaire

Unit 8

Sampling and Sample Designs: Concept, Purpose and Types; Criteria for Selecting appropriate sampling Procedure;

Block – 3

Data Analysis – Tools and Techniques

Unit 9

Frequency Distribution: Meaning; Problems and Considerations in constructing numerical frequency distributions.

Unit 10

Measures of Central Tendency and variation Correction and Regression analysis

Unit 11

Probability and Probability Distributions: Probability: Meaning; Definition; Sample space and sample points

Unit 12

Conditional Probability; Bayes Theorem and probability on large samples space

Block – 4 Hypothesis Testing

Unit 13

Hypothesis Testing; Basic concepts concerning Hypothesis Testing; Procedure and flow diagram for Hypothesis Testing; Test of Significance

Unit 14

Parametric and Non-Parametric Testing

Unit 15

F Test and Chi-Square Test.

Unit 16

Preparation of Research Report