Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Operations
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

Block 1
Background for Airlines Ticketing

Unit 1 

Air Transport Concept and  Geography of Airlines

Unit 2

Time Zones and Calculation of Time; GMT variations

Unit 3

IATA 3-letter City / Apt. Codes, Airlines, Country and Currency codes; Significance of  ABC

Unit 4

Travel Documentation,  Baggage Regulations, and  Airport and Aircraft procedures

Unit 5

Type of Airlines and Aircrafts; Passenger Capacity and Aircraft Seating Plans; Aircraft Configuration and Features

Block 2 Airlines Ticketing – Key Issues and Procedures

Unit 6

Flight Schedules, Flight Connections and Itinerary Planning 

Unit 7

Fares: Tariff Terminology, Types of Fares, Fare calculation, Currency Conversion Table and Modes of Payment

Unit 8

Ticketing: Issuance ; Cancellation and  Re-issuance; Airline Reservations

Unit 9

Factors Affecting the Tour Cost and Procedures for Cost Determination, Pricing Strategies and Calculation of Tour Price

Unit 10

Impact of Automation on Ticketing Business; Prevailing Scenario and Future Perspective

Block  3
Basics of Cargo Operations

Unit 11

Cargo Industry – Evolution and Growth; Impact of Globalisation and Automation

Unit 12

DGR  and Live Animals Regulations; Cargo insurance Clauses

Unit 13

Aircraft Configuration, Capacity Familiarization and  limitations

Unit 14

IATA Cargo Agents, Consolidators, Freight Forwarders,  CHA's and Break-Bulk agents

Block – 4
Cargo Operations – Procedural Perspective

Unit 15

Rules for Cargo acceptance: Rounding off Weights/ Dimensions/Currencies; Volume  - Weight Concept;  Chargeable Weight;  Valuation charges

Unit 16

Cargo Rating and Documentation;  GCR, CCR& SCR

Unit 17

Procedures related to Packing, Marking, Labelling, Export - Import Documentation, Shipping bill, Landing Bill.

Unit 18

Import – Export Flow chart and  Airway bill completion