Tourism Policy and Planning
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

Block 1

Tourism Planning – Basic Concept, Scope and Significance

Unit 1 

Tourism Policy vis a vis Tourism Planning – Definition, Differentiation, Linkages and Scope

Unit 2

Brief Overview on ‘Tourism Planning Scenario in Global Context’

Unit 3

Environmental, Economic and Socio-cultural Advantages of Tourism Planning

Unit 4

Consequences of Unplanned Tourism Development

Unit 5

Barriers in Tourism Planning


Block 2

Destination Planning

Unit 6

Destination Mix  - Concept and Components

Unit 7

Steps and Stages in Destination Planning

Unit 8

Significance and Application of Cost – Benefit Analysis in Destination Planning

Unit 9

Tourism Complex Planning – Concept, Significance and Case Model

Block 3
Emerging Dimensions of Tourism Planning

Unit 10

Concept of ‘Responsible’, ‘Appropriate’, ‘ Alternate’ and ‘Just Tourism’;

Unit 11

Sustainable Tourism Planning – Key Issues, Relevance and Systematic Approach

Unit 12

‘Community Based’ and ‘Community Approach’ of Tourism Planning

Unit 13

‘Eco-tourism’ Planning; Place of Tourism in India’s Five Year Plans

Block 4
Tourism Policy and Planning: Case Studies

Unit 14

Salient Features of ‘Tourism Planning Strategies’ Adopted by Leading Destination Countries like France, U.K. and China

Unit 15

Brief Overview on ‘Tourism Policy and Planning Perspectives of SAARC Countries, especially Bhutan and Sri Lanka 

Unit 16

Tourism Policy of India – A Critical Review

Unit 17

Role and Contribution of DOT in Development Tourism in India.