Tourism Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship Development
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

Block – 1

Marketing Management Process and Market Research

Unit 1 

Marketing Management Process  and Different Orientation towards Market Place; Concept of Market Place in Tourism

Unit 2

Service Marketing - Unique Features and  challenges with special Reference to Tourism Industry

Unit 3

Basic Concept of Market Research , Market Segmentation and Market Targeting Demand Forecasting

Unit 4

Critical Assessment of Changing Tourism Market-Destination Dynamics and the various Influencing Factors to this Effect

Block – 2

Marketing Strategies and Controlling Marketing Programs

Unit 5 

Product Positioning and New Product Development Strategies


Unit 6

Distribution Channel Strategies, Channel design decision and Channel Management Decisions

Unit 7

Designing Communication, Promotion  and Advertising Strategies

Unit 8

Selection , Development and  Implementation of Sales Promotion Strategies

Unit 9

Public Relation Process and  Public Relations Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Sector

Block  – 3

Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship Development

Unit 10

Entrepreneurship Development for Tourism Industry – Need, Significance and Scope

Unit 11

Entrepreneurial Attributes, Entrepreneurial Types and Entrepreneurship Functions

Unit 12

Theories of Entrepreneurship and Institutional Role in the Entrepreneurship Development

Unit 13

Entrepreneurial Behaviours and Entrepreneurial Motivation; Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Block – 4
Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship

Unit 14

Establishing Entrepreneur System: Search for Business Idea; Sources of Ideas, Idea Processing and Preparation of Business Plan

Unit 15

Input Requirements – Money, Men, Machine, Material, Space and Time Frame

Unit 16

Project Feasibility Research


Unit 17

Opportunities and Environment for Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship in India.