Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

UNIT 1: Introduction to Computer

Block diagram of Computer, Evolution, Generations, Classification and its Application

Unit 2: Basic Components of Computer

Concept of Bit and Byte; Block Diagram of Computer, CPU, ALU, CU; Computer Memory: Primary and Secondary; Input/Output Devices; Buses : Address, Data, Control.

UNIT 3: Introduction to OS

Definition and functions of an Operating System, Types of OS (Single User, Multi user, Single tasking, Multitasking, Real time, Network OS, Distributed OS)

UNIT 4: MS DOS Operating System

Introduction to DOS, System files of DOS, concept of Booting, Files and Directory Structure, Concept of Paths, Internal and External commands, Batch File.

UNIT 5: MS Windows Operating System

Introduction to Windows, Components of Windows, Customizing the Desktop, Files and Folders

UNIT 6: LINUX operating System

Introduction to LINUX, login into LINUX, Structure of File System, Concepts of Path

UNIT 7: LINUX Commands

Directory handling commands (mkdir, cd, rmdir, ls, pwd), File handling commands ( cat, cp, rm, mv, more, lp ), Utility commands (date, cal, echo, time, who, passwd), file permissions; Text editor vi, three modes of vi editor, adding and replacing text, saving text and quitting.

Microsoft Word


Starting Word, different Bars, Document View, Text area, Exiting Word; Creating new document, Editing text, Saving a Document, Closing a Document, Opening an Existing Document.


Working with paragraph, copy and paste and cut and paste methods, spell check, find and replace.

UNIT 10:

Bullets and Numbering, Undo and Redo, Header & Footer, Page-Setup.

UNIT 11:

Creating Table, Modifying a Table, Merging of Cells, Split Cells.

Microsoft Excel

UNIT 12 :

Starting MS-Excel, different Bars. Row, Column and Cell. Exiting MS-Excel.

UNIT 13:

Creating a New Workbook, Working with Cells. Working with Fonts. Merging of Cells. Inserting a Row and Column, Deleting a Row and Column. Saving a Workbook, Closing a Workbook.

UNIT 14 :

Different Operators used in Excel, Working with Calculation and Functions. Working with Chart.

Microsoft PowerPoint

UNIT 15:

Starting MS-PowerPoint, different Bars, Different Types of Views and Exiting MS-PowerPoint

UNIT 16:

Creating a New Presentation, Working with Slides, Applying Design Templates, Applying Custom Animations, Applying Slide Transitions. Saving a Presentation, Running a Presentation, Closing a Presentation and Opening an Existing Presentation.

Suggested Readings: 

1. Anderw S Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull, ” Operating System Design and
Impletation”, prentice-Hall India Publication.
2. Word 2002 from A to Z-by Stephen L. Nelson, FireWall Media
3. Microsoft XP Plain & Simple-by Brown & resources Online